Pre-Employment Drug Testing  


Teen drug abuse is a big challenge for the society. It affects teens’ health and career. To make them stay away from illicit drugs, home saliva drug test kits are effective. You can use these test kits to detect the abuse and prevent it. There are different kinds of kits for the purpose. Choose one depending on the test sample you are going to use – urine, saliva or hair. This article discusses some categories of home drug test kits and how they are useful.

Urine drug test kits:

The method of testing urine for the presence of the drug is comparatively more popular because it is easy and is of low cost. You can use a single kit for up to 10 different types of drugs. A small urine sample of the teen is required to conduct the test.


These kits are accurate and have the sound scientific foundation. However, they can be manipulated while collecting the sample, unless you are personally present. To enforce drug-free surrounding on your teens, these kits are the most convenient. You can use these kits to detect the presence of drugs up to three days after usage.

Saliva drug test kits:

These kits are easy to use and the results are immediate. These are less manipulative but can detect the presence of substances used one or two days before testing. As the sample collected is direct, there is no fear of manipulating/adulterating test samples. When your teen kid is back from a party, if you suspect him of using drugs, you can use these kits.


Hair drug test kits:

These kits show accurate results. While using these kits, there is little chance of adulteration. These kits detect the presence of drugs in the system up to 90 days after usage. If you suspect your teen of drug abuse but are not sure, use these kits. These are more expensive than saliva and urine test kits. You need to collect a sample of hair and send it to the designated test lab. Thus, it takes a few days to get test results.

 Pre-Employment Drug Testing:

Breathalyzers are useful in enforcing a no-alcohol environment at home. These are accurate and reliable. You could use these kits when your teen comes from a party, from teammates or friends. You can know the results immediately. These are inexpensive and user-friendly. You can advise and warn your teen that you do not tolerate alcohol use and want to enforce it.

To carry out the test your teen has to blow into the kit and the result is indicated by the measure of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) and is shown in percentage numbers ranging from 0.2% to 0.8% BAC.

When purchasing them, make sure that they are FDA cleared, because such kits are validated as s an f e,


As a responsible parent, you need to enforce substance-free environment at home to make sure it is contributing to the all-round development of your teen. Keeping this in mind, choose a set of test kits depending on the convenience to use, availability and situation at home.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing is an online store offering reliable and FDA approved drug testing kits at affordable prices. Our marijuana drug test kit is a rapid urine screening test. This marijuana testing kit is easy to use and can be performed without the use of an instrument.

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